Never locked out again


Finally a sexy looking keyless entry system.


This One does Bluetooth, fingerprints, code, or key to unlock your door. This will give us full control of who can and can’t gain access to our house.

Because we do AirBNB we give our guest keys and swipes and hope to get them back at the end of their stay. But no matter how many outside cameras or un-copyable keys you have, nothing gives you peace of mind as much as giving them a code specially for their use and knowing you can deactivate it at any time.


Flexibility and Convenience



This model has ‘lightning-fast’ finger print recognition, it can recognize up to 95 codes and fingerprints, and 3 mechanical keys and with the Bluetooth connection, you can use the app to log and record everyone who accesses the door.


One of the coolest things is that you can even knock on your phone to unlock the door as you approach, even when it’s in your pocket!

7 thoughts on “Never locked out again

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      1. Out of curiosity what lock is it, I’ve been wanting something along those lines? Did it install straight inplace of the lock that was installed by PD? My biggest is finding that the holes wont match up


  1. What was the lock that you got? Did it fit straight into the holes already drilled in your door or did you just make some new ones?


  2. Hi Charly,

    Love your blog, so much detail. As a first time home builder, we are finding a lot of the information you are giving very relevant. Thank you!

    I have a question about this lock. How is this lock powered? Is it a battery? If so, how long do the batteries last?

    Thank you,


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    1. Hi Ash
      It has a battery in it and a key as a backup, the battery has been going for over 12 months so far and the low battery warning light has not come up yet, so at least over 1 year so far 🙂


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