Water water everywhere but never where you want it!

What is it with todays water metre men, they insist on putting the house water metres slap bang in the middle of the path up to the front door.


Every new estate we have driven around we see this happen time and time again, people can’t have nice walk ways leading up to their front doors because the water metres are in the way. Its such a shame, its ruined a lot of beautiful  houses.


Why can’t the nice water metre man just put the meters and taps in the opposite corner  of the property to the drive way crossover? They can see the cross over… they must know that a drive way is going to connect to it and in 99% of houses the front door is next to the drive way. So why then do I see water metres stuck right in front of the front door like 80% of the time! It stops people having lovely pathways.

So we have preempted the enviable disappointment of having our water metres placed in front of our front door by asking our hopefully friendly water metre man to please NOT put them in our future front door and future walkway area…

Future Walkway.jpg

After the water metre is placed, it costs about $450 to have is moved 500mm, if you want it moved any more than this then it costs over $1,350.

If your meter is moved more than 500m from it’s original position, you may also need to get a plumber to relocate the internal water pipes. Water meters must also remain within 1.5 m of your property boundary

We are hoping to avoid this costs.


We went out to our land with Day-glow yellow spray paint and a couple of signs and measured out where our driveway and front wooden foot path is going to be.

With two signs asking the water metres not to be placed where the future driveway and future walkway will be, we are hoping he will place the water meters to the right of these areas.


You can but ask right?


Updated 17th January 2018



The water meters have been placed right in front of our front door about 1.5m from where I wanted them! Gurrrrr

This is not the end, they may have won the battle but I’m not giving up. Next stop – the council. I’m on the warpath.


9 thoughts on “Water water everywhere but never where you want it!

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  1. Just found your blog. I love it! I love the attention to detail that I would love to do but just don’t have the time or wait or is that can’t be bothered to do! I also hate how the taps just turn up! I love how you put up the signs. Did it work?


  2. “If your meter is moved more than 500m from it’s original position,…..”

    I’m sure you meant 500mm, otherwise you might need more than a plumber 🙂
    I’ve also observed water meters and taps installed in some stupid positions, as if they know it will have to be moved… but that’s someone else’s problem.

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  3. Hi Charlotte, Ive been visiting our land during development and saw where the pipes were laid from the street before foot paths and roads were concreted. I think the water authority will just places the water meter where the pipes are and therefore will make no effort moving them within 500mm just by marking location of future front doors etc. Good detailed blog! Going through it in chronological order. Cheers


    1. Hi Vermont
      Yes, we have since found out that the developer decides the location of the water pipes while the land is being planned out and subdivided – shame they don’t plan very well and think about front doors a!


  4. Hi Charlotte, just wondering if you ever got your front tap/water meters moved? Ours is really close to our cross over so we’re interested in moving it too. Was it problematic??


    1. Hi Amy, We will get them moved, but it all takes money and we just have to get things in the right order of what needs to be paid of ​first. I will happen but nit right now.


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