The perfect step


Down one side of our house we would like to put a stepping stone path.


Finding your stride can be hard.


Getting the right size spacing and pavers is over half the battle. After many different display homes,  stepping on A LOT of different paths and even walking with your eyes closed to ensure you weren’t subconsciously changing your stride, we found the correct spacing and paver size.



The other half of the equation is the colour and pebble size, there is nothing worse than silly little stones strewn across the pavers, that hurt more than stepping on lego when you walk down your path in bare feet.

We want big heavy stones like the ones pictured, that will stay put and not get blown onto the pavers by the wind.

Colour is still TBC, but greys and blues will be the theme.


It will be done properly, with the area dug down, the sand to be compressed and weed mat laid on top, pavers then set so the top is in line with the grass level and then, and only then, are the stone filled in and packed tightly.

Paths that have not had their foundations properly laid or that have had shortcuts taken, never look or feel right when walking on them.



The pavers we are looking at are 600mm wide x 400mm deep, centred on a pathway that is 1000mm wide. The gap between each paver will be 210mm.


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