A Grand Entrance

What makes a Grand Entrance?

Is it the height of the door, the width, the type of material its made out of or the colour? How about the design or side panel options and the type of glass that is used…

All of these components had been discussed to the nth degree when choosing our front door. It took us months of looking at different options and driving around new estates checking out what others had chosen, seeing what works and what suited our style and house design.

Doors always look different in real life than they do in a catelog photo or on a website, Porter Davis use Corinthian doors and it looks like most of the volume builders do as well judging by the number of similar doors we spotted.

Don’t get me started on the frustratingly slow Corinthian website, you need a few hours and a lot of patience to attempt to browse that site. My husband ended up downloading all the brochures and we just referred to the PDF’s when we need a piece of information. This however is easier said than done –  I couldn’t even find the PDF’s on their site. If you want to wind me up and hear a good rant – ask me to find something on their site, then stand back and wait 20minutes.

We settled on one 2340mm high by 1200mm wide pivot door with glazed sidelights and stained in English Walnut.

Pivot Infinity INFWS5VG

Dave likes the 5 vertical slates and I think they work well with the sidelights, as if they are an extension of the door itself.


These Pivot doors are huge and when hung properly they are surprisingly light to swing open and at 1.2 meters wide, you can carry two arm loads of grocery’s in with out having to turn sideways.  I also like that they can be pushed past the 90 degree point and they click into an open position, staying open by themselves – very handy.


Pivot Door Systems carry the weight top and bottom, rather than on traditional hinges.Pivot doors


Front doors are expensive and when you start looking into the pricing and types and then drive around the estates, you too will exclaim “OMG they brought the such n’ such door -wow they spent a bomb!” or “Ohh they spent all that money on an XYZ door and then put that ugly fly screen in front of it.”


So the next time you walk through someones front door, think of the statement they where trying to make.

4 thoughts on “A Grand Entrance

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  1. Hi Charlotte,
    I am building a Kew 28 in Tarneit and love your blog. Can you please share the pricing for the front door and floor to wall tiling in the wet areas ?


    1. Hi Amer
      Yes ​I can do that, if you send me your email address via the contacts page, then I can send you a soft copy of our budget spree​d​ sheet that has all our pricing on it.



  2. awesome blog, could you please provide your budget spreadsheet. My wife and I are planning on the Stradbroke 32 and building in Newport QLD. Pretty keen to not get sucked in and blow our budget out of proportion.


    1. Hi Stephen and Claire

      Yes happy to send you the spreadsheet, can you send me a message via the ‘contract’ page, that way I will have your email address and can send it to you.
      Thanks Charlotte


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