House Plans

We chose the Forsyth plan before even seeing a display or looking at the price or having a plot of land to put it on.

The flow of the entryway into the living and dining, the size and configuration of the rooms and the overall layout is what drew us to this house type.

Forsyth 35 Porter Davis

And then we found we could configure it further.

Princess RoomGrand Master Bedroom

Guest SuiteAlfrescoExtended Kitchen and Galley.JPG

However, I soon grew frustrated with having to look at my new house plans all split up between the pink upgrades in the Porter Davis floor plan book and the white sections of the basic hose plan, so I had some fun with scissors and glue and made my own plan.

Old fashion Cut and Paste

Forsyth 35 Home made drawings 1st floor.jpg

Forsyth 35 Home made drawings.jpg

But that wasn’t the end of our re-configuring…

It has taken us several months, many emails, 2 full day planning sessions and countless hours but between our Sales Manager, our Building Co-Ordinator and our Tender Presenter, we finally have a set of signed off house plan we love.

Spot the Difference

There are many many small changes, well above anything that you would normally expect to get from a volume builder. Porter Davis has gone above and beyond of us.


Forsyth 35 final drawings.JPG

Forsyth 35 final drawings 1st floor.JPG



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  1. The floor plan looks amazing.. we are going to build a Waldorf Grange 49 but I guess it will be Waldorf Grange 55 with all the customisation we added.. 🙂


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