Piers & Pipes

We went to our land this week after work and it looks like all of our piers are done and we have the pipes for our electrical and plumbing.


We had read on Home One that some people had found that they did not have the correct number of piers compared to their plans so we wanted to count them and ensure they were in the correct location.





We have a problem site and need a PH2 class slab and the construction must follow the design.


The images below are taken from an inspectors web site.

They say that one less pier means that there is only 75% of the load-bearing capacity available to support a two storey home. One small matter of a missing pier could make a big difference.



So we went digging

The photo below is the day before, all the piers are in but covered over, pipework not yet in.


We took the broom out to the site and dug around and brushed off our piers to count them all.


We couldn’t do the garage as there was a big pile of dirt currently located where the car would park, but we found all but 2 of the others. The only reason we didn’t find the other 2 was because I was tired of digging using a discarded bit of plumbing pipe – note to self, keep a spade in the car.


When we arrived, you couldn’t see any of them, now they are easy to count and see – glad we took the broom



We found all the yellow ones, the red ones were left for another days treasure hunting.

Image 24-2-18 at 1.28 pm.jpg

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