Mirror Mirror​ on the Wall

I like wardrobes that have built-in mirrored doors, having lived in apartments and had them, I think they are a great way to utilise the space and make your room feel bigger.


So when I asked my Sales Consultant if Porter Davis offered them, I was delighted when he said yes, they did. I was not so delighted when they told me the price, $708.00 per set of wardrobe doors (2x doors)

Screen Shot 2018-09-30 at 7.21.12 pm.png

But that’s ok, I knew it would give extra space in bedroom 4, as it was a little small and I would have great big mirrors to bounce the light around. I knew what they would look like, I had seen plenty in display homes, and I had them in my apartment (not built by PD.)


Months and months past and I didn’t give the doors another thought, that was until I saw a facebook post about another PD build and a concerned person asking what other people had for their mirrored doors, as the ones installed were old school 1970’s looking doors.

Robe doors

After ranting to my husband in our living room about installing doors from the mid-century, we decided not to jump to conclusions, and do some research.

Dave looked into the contract and ascertained exactly what was listed, it’s a Corinthian mirrored robe.

The Corinthian website shows the only options as wooden framed mirrored doors – Corinthian don’t have any full glass mirror options.


I knew I had seen the full mirrored doors somewhere and I was sure they were in a Porter Davis house – however, we had been into a lot of Non-Porter Davis display homes over the past 2 years. So before ringing our Building Co-Ordinator and expressing our feelings, we decided to ensure we were correct and gain proof of them on display.


So we went for a drive, in one day we visited every Porter Davis display house in the South, East and North.  (not including the regional locations).  The Western houses we know inside out as we almost live in them every weekend.

In each of the displays there are normally  2 homes, Dave would take one and I took the other – striding into each and every bedroom to check out the robe doors, and then racing back to the car – each house took about 5 minutes and then on to the next display village – we got a lot of sideways looks from the sales staff, smiles were all the time we had for them as we didn’t stop to chat and explain ourselves.


Unfortunately, I didn’t have locations services turned on, on my phone so I couldn’t track our progress on the map in real time, but I put together the below after the fact (on 2x maps), as it shows our driving route that day.

2018-06-24 trip.jpg

Google tells me it was 319km and if we drive it non stop it
would have been 5 hours and 32 minutes!

And we only ran out of petrol once, causing an unnecessary 15-minute delay while I walked to the nearest petrol station and buy a can of petrol – thankfully it was only a few hundred metres away.  At least I know how far under the red line my car will run now.


The Result:
Not one single display home showcased ANY mirrored wardrobe doors!


Most displays have upgraded wardrobes, from the standard swing doors to sliding doors,


and a few of them have their doors routed/ bevelled to match the theme of the house but none of them showcase the mirrored options.


So we had to eat humble pie and unfortunately, we are stuck with something we signed off on in our contract even though we thought we were getting something else.

Since doing this research, we found that Porter Davis does offer a Full frameless mirror option but it’s from Crystal and not Corinthian, however, the price is about double.

If you want this option – the wording you have to look out for is

“Provide Frameless Mirrored Sliding Door including 2No. Panels to suit (1800mm) wide opening to robes in lieu of standard Hinged only Robe Doors.”


The lesson is, even when you think you have gone through everything with a fine tooth comb, you will still find things that have slipped through the cracks.





2 thoughts on “Mirror Mirror​ on the Wall

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  1. Such a shame. Your robe doors do look very unique though.

    We upgraded our wardrobe doors to the mirrored doors that you thought you were getting and our tender read:

    “50 Provide Two(2) 2100mm high Aluminium Framed Sliding Mirrored Doors to
    Bedroom 3 and 4 Robes in lieu of flush panel hinged doors (Robe opening
    widths from 1200mm to 2400mm)

    These are from Crystal and that price is for the double door wardrobes in 2 bedrooms.

    As a side note, we renovated our previous house about 5 years and had Premium install a 4 door mirrored frameless floor to ceiling robe, and internals for about $1000 from memory. They are in Melbourne’s West, but service all of Melbourne. Once you are in, if you still aren’t in love with your robe doors, it may not be that expensive to retrofit them with the ones you want.

    Enjoying watching your progress and wishing you a smooth and speedy handover.

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    1. Hi – yes thats ​a good idea, I can always swap them out if they realy ​bug me – but as they will be in gust​ rooms, I think they will be out of site​ and out of mind so they can stay 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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